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Keep in Touch! Why are we so dependent upon trees? This bundle is designed to help you deliver, discuss and assess earth science content. Covers all topics related to dendrochronology. Earth Science Task Card Bundle.

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Dendrochronology: Tree Ring Dating Kit

Douglass, developed dendrochronology about For example, tree rings usually grow wider in warm, wet years and they are thinner in years when it is cold and dry. PowerPoint PresentationsActivities. Each page invites your learner to interactive with the subject to engage the information. As an extension, have students explore other ways that scientists study core samples to learn about past climates, including soil cores, ice cores, and coral reef cores. Archaeologists sometimes study the ring patterns in beams or other pieces of wood from archaeological sites to help date the sites; they may also study the ring patterns to infer the local climatic history.

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tree ring dating activity
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tree ring dating activity
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tree ring dating activity
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