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One time, Beast Boy plans to get revenge on Cyborg for pranking him, by throwing an oil balloon in Cyborg's face. At first, Starfire very happy to see Blackfire; however, she soon starts to become upset as Blackfire quickly makes herself popular on the team, due to her rebellious lifestyle and better understanding of Earth. For starters, they were never officially a couple but treated each other like they were dating. In the end, the creature lost control of the extra power it had obtained Starfire and was destroyed by Red Star. Karras ironically carried no true feelings for Starfire either, but the whole ordeal still rubbed Robin the wrong way anyway. The two may or may not be related, though its not clear which would have caused the other.

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She says that she wishes to stay on Earth, and that even though the people appear strange, they are also very kind.

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For example, when Mad Mod is explaining to why her starbolts aren't working, Robin becomes protective of her and tells Mad Mod to get away from her. She can't fly or shoot star-bolts is because she was upset and started to fear that their relationship won't be the same; since he won't admit how he really feels about her. At the start of episode, they are on a Ferris wheel, enjoying a fireworks display together. With the two bound to pair off soon in the Titans series, it is crucial for you to understand how the two came to be, and what exactly makes them one of the most interesting couples in the DC Universe move over Superman and Lois Lane. This was during a period when Starfire had moved to Florida and was trying to figure out her place in the world outside of being a superhero.

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does robin ever hook up with starfire
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does robin ever hook up with starfire
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does robin ever hook up with starfire
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